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Tech Insider (blog)

These YouTube tricks will forever change how you watch internet videos
Tech Insider (blog)
Here's a quick breakdown of YouTube's best hidden tricks and shortcuts. Press K to pause. Most people press the ... If the J key rewinds too much for you, just press the left arrow key on your keyboard to rewind a bit less. Press L to fast-forward 10 ...

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10 keyboard shortcuts to use Windows 10 like a pro
If tablets were the be-all/end-all, why would there be such a market for the accompanying keyboards? Let's face it: a physical keyboard is must when you want to get real work done. Here are 10 sets of useful keyboard shortcuts to use Windows 10 like ...

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IBM i Knowledge Sharing: RSE Keyboard Shortcuts
IT Jungle
A thing of beauty is a joy to behold. For programmers, that thing of beauty is called a shortcut. The more you have, the greater the joy. Most RPG programmers know some shortcuts. Some are hoarded, but more often they get passed around with an "it's ...


Display Dock for new Lumias will cost $99
"I can use my phone like a PC," Roper said, demonstrating how he pulled up the phone's start screen on the larger display, then used desktop keyboard shortcuts to switch between Office apps. He also grabbed images and PowerPoint presentations from a ...
Microsoft can't decide if it wants to kill the laptop or revive itQuartz
I just turned a Windows phone into a PCThe Verge
How Microsoft's New Phones Put Android and iOS to ShameThe Cheat Sheet
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Small Business Trends

25 Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
Small Business Trends
Most of people spend enough time on computers every single day to want shortcuts for the repetitive tasks they perform most often. For many people, the mouse is the preferred tool. But there are a lot of Windows keyboard shortcuts that are faster and ...

Setting keyboard shortcuts in macros
Australian Personal Computer
Excel VBA contains a handy method that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts in VBA code. In this article we'll look at a simple routine that uses this method. You can grab the code used for this example here.

Bartender 2 For Mac Adds Keyboard Shortcuts, Search, And More
Lifehacker Australia
Mac: We've always been fans of Bartender, because it's a great way to clean up your menu bar, hide away items you don't need, and organise your menu bar however you want. Now, a new version adds some improvements, including a keyboard shortcut, ...


Hardware Keyboards
With iOS 7, Apple introduced support for programmable shortcuts on external Bluetooth keyboards. While iOS supported system-wide commands for text formatting and undo back in the early days of the iPad, iOS 7 allowed developers to add custom shortcuts ...
How to use the iPad's new keyboard on iOS 9CNET
Here's How You Can Use Apple IPad's New Keyboard On IOS 9Tech News Today
20 Awesome Hidden Features of iOS 9NDTV
The New Indian Express
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Apple Insider

iOS 9 tips: Use Text Replacement to type faster
Apple Insider
The Text Replacement function is found under Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Tapping on Text Replacement presents a screen with a few preconfigured shortcut options arranged alphabetically, as well as a search bar for navigating ...

Business Management Daily

Keyboard shortcuts: Outlook
Business Management Daily
Send a quick reply to a message and avoid the accidental click on Reply All by hitting the handy Ctrl+R shortcut. You don't even need the message open! Just have it selected. Reply to everyone on the thread with the Ctrl+Shift+R shortcut. It's also a ...

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